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Wednesday 9 March 2011

'Single occupancy supplements' - the arguments continue

A letter appeared in The Times a few days ago saying that 'single occupancy supplements' were an "outrageous imposition", and calling for them to be "banned".
I wrote a letter in Monday's Times (7 March) explaining how in most cases, far from a supplement, B&Bs and hotels in fact discount the room for single travellers already - the "supplement" only seems to appear if double rooms are priced "per person" and an assumption is made that anyone should pay that price, whether or not sharing.
The important thing is that the basis quoted should be clear, transparent and unambiguous.
It amazes me what strong feelings the "single supplement" arouses - in the online version of The Times letters page, there are several posts still misunderstanding my point, and accusing B&Bs of "singling people out", wanting to charge the maximum for doing the minimum, being "the Basil Fawlty Liberation Front", "sophistry", and more.
The original letter writer I had replied to, and two others, even said that they thought all prices should be on a simple "per room" basis, the same for all - so it seems that a single paying the same as a couple would pay is preferable to getting a discounted room which happens to be more than half the double price!
If anyone has any ideas how we can make people understand the simple facts and practicalities of this, please let me know.


  1. Good to have you back on your blog...I am not sure that some Times readers might ever quite 'get it' especially if they have a point to argue. On another note do you offer a service for prospective B and B owners on your trade association site?

  2. Sue, yes prospective B&B owners are eligible to join the B&B Association and should find it very helpful. See: www.BandBassociation.org

  3. We have no single rooms only doubles and reduce the cost by £5 per night if occupied by one person. This is the reduction we allow for the breakfast that isnt prepared and eaten if it were occupied by 2 people. There is no less cleaning/laundry etc if a room is occupied by one person and the breakfast reduction is fair. We have never had any problems by putting it this way.

  4. Thank you David for the site. I have started on B&B just now and would have loved to have the benefit of joining the association during the time i was contemplating about it.