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Thursday 19 January 2012

British B&Bs are "the best on earth"

Great news to hear this week that according to tourists worldwide using TripAdvisor, British B&Bs are "the best on Earth".
British B&Bs took the first three places in the world's best B&B table compiled by TripAdvisor from tourists' reviews. The UK domination was shown by the fact that six English and two Scottish establishments were in the top 10 B&B world table. TripAdvisor spokeswoman Emma Shaw said: "These awards celebrate the best B&Bs in the UK and beyond according to those that really matter - travellers themselves. "The UK performed extraordinarily well in the B&B category, laying claim to eight of the top 10."
Our members will be delighted to hear it but (at the risk of being immodest), we are perhaps not surprised! As I told Radio 5 Live this week, British B&B owners are the "unsung heroes" of the British tourism industry.