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Monday 5 April 2010

On the 'Today' programme

As a long-time listener to 'Today' on Radio 4, it was novel to be introduced by Jim Naughtie this morning. I was there to give a very brief note of 'balance' in relation to the "gay couple turned away by B&B" story that has been running on the front pages over the weekend. I tried to get over two messages: (1) first and foremost, that B&Bs are in the hospitality business - we are in the business of welcoming people, not turning them away, and (2) that B&Bs are usually the owners' own family homes too, so this needs taking into account by policymakers.
So far, the only negative message I have had about my contribution was a (to put it mildly) less than complimentary one which (it turns out) was from the ex-press secretary of the BNP. I am relaxed about upsetting the gentleman concerned or his colleagues.
As B&Bs we live by our personal service and welcome, and I am determined to keep getting that message across.