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Thursday 11 February 2021

Scottish Government "Support for B&Bs Paying Council Tax" fund - operational from Mon 15 Feb 21

Financial support for B&Bs in Scotland paying Council Tax


The Scottish Government have just informed us (the Scottish B&B Association) that its new "Support for B&Bs Paying Council Tax" fund will be operational from next Monday (15 February 2021), and that details of the fund have gone live today on the Scottish Government's "Find Business Support" website here.

The Scottish Government emphasise that there is no need for businesses to apply - "local authorities (LAs) will identify those that are eligible".  

They tell us: "LAs will contact the 450 B&Bs that were paid out to under the predecessor fund".  

"The Scottish Government is aware that there may be some eligible B&Bs that, for one reason or another (EG technical issues) did not get funded in 2020, and each LA will also have a ‘wash up’ application process, that will ensure these are picked up.  This will be done individually by LAs."

If you are a Scottish B&B Association member (or member of the UK B&B Association based in Scotland) and believe you should be eligible (see here for criteria) but did not receive funding last Summer - IE you are not one of the 450 referred to above - please email the B&B Association with details, and we will do our best to put your case to the authorities for funding.

We will keep our subscribing members fully informed of any further developments.


Not yet a member of the B&B Association? membership costs only around £1 a week and there are many member benefits - and your options for joining us now are here.


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