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Saturday 16 July 2016

Guests rate B&Bs 8.8% higher than hotels

Above: the overall average guest ratings in 2015 of B&Bs (89.6%) and Hotels (80.8%)

British B&Bs are rated by guests 8.8% higher for quality than hotels, on average, according to new data just released. The study analysed millions of traveller ratings given to hotel and B&B properties on TripAdvisor, which is the world’s largest travel website with 340 million unique monthly visitors, and which lists 350 million reviews covering 6.5 million accommodations.

The study by TripAdvisor found that “smaller, independent accommodations in the UK were providing the biggest boost to the UK's overall average rating” - with B&Bs scoring an average review rating of 4.48 out of 5 (equivalent to 89.6%) compared to 4.04 (80.8%) for hotels in 2015.

Even within the hotel sector, smaller properties were shown to have a ratings advantage over larger properties, with UK hotels with fewer than 25 rooms scoring an average of 4.40 (88%) in 2015 compared to those with 26-100 rooms, where the average is 3.97 (79.4%).

"These figures are excellent news" commented David Weston, Chief Executive of the Bed & Breakfast Association, "Guests clearly love the individuality, character, home-cooked breakfasts and personal service that they get in British B&Bs, which is why - in millions of reviews on TripAdvisor - they score an 8.8% higher rating on average than hotels. These figures from TripAdvisor prove that B&Bs are the favourite accommodation in the UK based on guest satisfaction".

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